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    Sodium Ascorbate Powder (Vitamin C)


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    Sodium Ascorbate Powder (Vitamin C)


    Sodium ascorbate powder (vitamin C) is an essential vitamin and is well known for working with other enzymes and solutions. It assists the body in building new tissue and helps fortify the immune system. It can help strengthen collagen and assists in synthesizing carnitine and supporting healthy metabolism. It also helps fortify the teeth and bones. Vitamin C is known for its antioxidant properties, and it supports cardiovascular health. When used topically, it may also help promote healthy skin.

    • Fortifies the immune system
    • Supports healthy tissue and cartilage
    • Helps support healthy metabolism
    • Supports the joints
    • Contributes to healthy bones & teeth
    • Promotes healthy skin
    • Antioxidant
    • Supports cardiovascular health

    Sodium Ascorbate Powder (Vitamin C)

    Sodium ascorbate powder is a mineral salt of ascorbic acid that is made by combining sodium bicarbonate with ascorbic acid (vitamin C). Vitamin C is an essential vitamin that is well known for its effects on the immune system. Sodium ascorbate powder has a natural sour taste, which is why it’s commonly used in candy. When it is ingested, it helps in the fortification of collagen while acting as an antioxidant. It also assists in the repair of damaged tissue, and in helping to maintain healthy levels of collagen. Vitamin C also has a host of other general uses.

    This product is a granular powder.

    Sodium-Ascorbate-Powder-Buffered-Vitamin-C-Powder Sodium-Ascorbate-Powder-USP-FCC-Grade-Buffered-Vitamin-C-2lbs

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    16 Oz, 32 oz/2lb


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